How We Heal
Douglas W. Morrison
Basic Diet
Body Electronics Recommended Reading
Minerals Grainfields Green Papaya
Metabolic Typing Oral Chelation John Whitman Ray (1934-2001)
Acidophilus Vitamin B12 Vitamin A Raw Protein
Mercury Facilitation
Twelve Points on Body Electronics
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I am no longer working full time in Body Electronics, as I did from 1988 through 2006.
I operate this website and send out a free email newsletter on an informal and extremely sporadic basis.
Other than that, I am happily (and busily) engaged in other pursuits.

        • If you do not see a particular service offered on this website, please assume that it is not available.

        • I am not currently available for private or group consultations.

        • There are specific links on this website to request information on supplements or Grainfields.

        • I have no plans at this time to offer any seminars in the future. If this does change, then any seminars will be announced via my free email newsletter.

        • Subscribing or removing yourself from the email newsletter is strictly self-service.

        • There are articles on this website written by a select few people whom I consider to be some of the most qualified practitioners worldwide in Body Electronics, with links to their respective websites.

        • The information provided here is simply meant to assist you in making appropriate decisions to meet your own specific needs.

        • Remember: There are no magic bullets. As the late Dr. John Whitman Ray noted:

"Most people are in a hurry to get better, so they can
get back to whatever made them sick in the first place."

Thanks for your understanding.