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Please note: I am no longer working full time in Body Electronics, as I did from 1988 through 2006. I operate this website and send out a free email newsletter on an informal and sporadic basis. For more explicit details, please click here. Thanks for your understanding.

About Douglas W. Morrison

Douglas W. Morrison is a native of Massachusetts in the USA, where he was a high school valedictorian and National Merit Scholar. Shortly after graduation from Harvard University with a BA in Applied Mathematics, chronic health problems turned him to the study of natural health alternatives. This led him in 1985 to Body Electronics. He spent much of the next four years studying Body Electronics with its founder, the late Dr. John Whitman Ray. He completed over 2500 hours of study with Dr. Ray during these four years. Most of this time he lived in Maui, Hawaii. Between 1987 and 1989, he became the first person ever certified by Dr. Ray to teach the entire Body Electronics Instructors Seminar Series. He remains one of only two people to receive this certification from Dr. Ray. He has taught the Body Electronics Instructors Seminar Series over 25 times since 1988, including six times co-teaching alongside Dr. John Whitman Ray.

Finding that the process of resolving his own health challenges was deeply intertwined with the release of his own resistance patterns, he continued his involvement with Body Electronics long after his original health goals had been fulfilled. In addition to the immense personal satisfaction he has found in working through many of his own resistances, he has also found great enjoyment in helping others to do the same. To provide others with the tools and the guidance to release their own resistances and regain their health on all levels, he began teaching seminars in Body Electronics in 1988. Over the next eighteen years, Douglas taught Body Electronics on a full-time basis, conducting over 2000 days of seminars throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and Africa. In addition, he assisted thousands of individuals through private consultations in person as well as by letter, phone, and e-mail.

Douglas W. Morrison is an Honorary Lifetime member of both the Body Electronics Institute of New Zealand (BEINZ) and the Australian Institute of Body Electronics Ltd (AIBEL). He is a Certified Iris-Sclera Diagnostician from the International College of Body Electronics. His articles on Body Electronics, health, and nutrition have appeared in various magazines, journals, and newsletters around the world. He is the author of a previous book Body Electronics Fundamentals, which first appeared in 1993. Since 1997, he has also sent out free e-mail updates on nutrition, health, and Body Electronics to interested people worldwide.

In addition to teaching Body Electronics seminars worldwide, he has also taught Iridology at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland, New Zealand as part of their accredited three year Naturopathy program. He was one of the featured speakers at New Zealand's first Iridology & Sclerology conference in November 2000. He was also one of the featured speakers at the 3rd Annual Iridology Conference of America held in October 2002 and sponsored by the American College of Iridology as well as the 6th annual conference held in October 2005.

In addition to his passions for natural health, nutrition, and spiritual growth, he greatly enjoys playing guitar & singing, reading, music, and time in the great outdoors. He is the very proud father of Meghan Morrison and Andrew Morrison.

"If you want to find out about this program, don't go to someone who wants to perpetuate their comfort zones; go to someone who is applying the principles wherein they have gained their freedom from their enslaving reactive patterns. Such a man is Douglas W. Morrison."
~ John Whitman Ray

Founder of Body Electronics