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How We Heal by Douglas W. Morrison
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 Douglas W. Morrison
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Douglas W. Morrison

Body Electronics | Pointholding

Douglas W. Morrison graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Applied Mathematics. Shortly afterwards, chronic health problems turned him to the study of natural health (or holistic health) alternatives. This led him in 1985 to Body Electronics. Douglas W. Morrison spent much of the next four years studying Body Electronics with its founder, the late Dr. John Whitman Ray, completing over 2500 hours of Body Electronics study with Dr. Ray during these four years. (Body Electronics is a unique system of self-healing combining nutrient saturation, a revolutionary method of sustained acupressure also known as pointholding or point holding, and the understanding and application of the basic laws governing the physical, emotional and mental bodies.) Finding that the process of resolving his own natural health challenges was deeply intertwined with the release of his own resistance patterns, Douglas W. Morrison continued his involvement with Body Electronics or pointholding long after his original natural health goals had been fulfilled. In addition to the immense personal satisfaction Douglas W. Morrison has found in working through many of his own resistances, he has also found great enjoyment in helping others to do the same with their own natural health and holistic health. To provide others with the tools and the guidance to release their own resistances and regain their health on all levels, he began teaching seminars in Body Electronics or pointholding in 1988 after becoming the first individual to complete a rigorous certification process devised by Dr. Ray. Since that time, Douglas W. Morrison has taught Body Electronics and pointholding seminars throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and Africa. Douglas W. Morrison has taught over 2000 days of seminars in this period of time. In addition, he has assisted thousands of individuals through private consultations regarding Body Electronics, pointholding, natural health, and holistic health in person as well as by letter, phone, and e-mail.


In addition to teaching Body Electronics seminars worldwide and studying natural health and holistic health alternatives, Douglas W. Morrison is well known in the field of Iridology. He taught Iridology at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland, New Zealand, and was one of the featured speakers at New Zealand's first Iridology & Sclerology conference in 2000. Douglas W. Morrison has been one of the featured speakers at the International Iridology Conference of America (sponsored by the American College of Iridology) in both 2002 and 2005. In addition to his extensive experience lecturing and working with individuals seeking to regain their health through natural and holistic health alternatives, he is the author of several books. Body Electronics Fundamentals first appeared in 1993, and quickly became the definitive introduction to the field of Body Electronics or pointholding.

Holistic Health and the "Mind - Body - Spirit Connection"

In the late 1990s, while working on a revised edition to Body Electronics Fundamentals, Douglas Morrison made the decision to greatly expand the scope of the book. Rather than limiting the book to the theory and practice of Body Electronics, he chose to present an extremely broad model that incorporated all levels of healing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (or the Mind - Body - Spirit Connection). What began as a revision of his first book eventually grew into How We Heal: Understanding the Mind - Body - Spirit Connection. This classic book first appeared in 2001, with a revised and expanded edition appearing in 2006. While How We Heal retains the comprehensive presentation of Body Electronics Fundamentals and the Mind - Body - Spirit Connection found in its predecessor, it explores a far grander vision of healing whose principles can be applied with great benefit across the full spectrum of natural or holistic health disciplines. While How We Heal is extremely rigorous in its presentation of the physical basis of health, its ultimate achievement is its seamless integration of healing principles for the mind, body, and spirit.

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